• Forged 2618 pistons for performance applications
  • Fully-machined crown
  • Grafal® anti-Friction coating on skirts*
  • Phosphate-coated to reduce micro-welding and pin galling**
  • Pin bores finished on CNC boring equipment
  • Hand deburred
  • High strength, light weight German steel pins
  • Race-proven round wire locks
  • Low drag ring pack
  • Light weight slipper skirt forgings

* MAHLE’s GRAFAL® skirt coating reduces drag, scuffing, friction and cylinder bore wear; reduces piston noise.

** Phosphate coating provides the grey appearance to the MAHLE piston. This dry lubricant coating (not to be confused with a thermal film coating) provides a lubricant film in the pin bores and ring grooves until the oiling system of the engine reaches operating pressure; particularly useful during the initial start-up or break-in of engines to protect against galling and microwelding. The piston crown is still machineable.

MAHLE Forged Piston Set - 6.2L/6.4L To 426 Cubic Inch

Stroker 426 cubic inch piston set for 6.2L and 6.4L VVT HEMI forced induction builds
$949.95 $1,295.95

MAHLE Forged Piston Set - 6.4L To 448 Cubic Inch

Stroker 448 cubic inch piston set for 6.4L VVT HEMI
$949.95 $1,295.95

MAHLE Forged Piston Set - 5.7L

Forged piston set for 5.7L VVT HEMI forced induction builds.
$949.95 $1,295.95